Post-Decree Modification and Enforcement

You thought your divorce was over, but things have changed, or someone is not doing what he or she promised. Maybe incomes have increased, or a child has turned 18, and child support should be adjusted. Perhaps you discovered that something was missed in the division of your property. Living situations might have changed in a way that affects visitation with your children.

When you need to modify or enforce a court order, seek the help of an experienced attorney.

Your Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will lawyer will fight for you to get everything you are entitled to. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in post-decree modification and enforcement actions, dealing with financial issues, custody issues, or both.

How Does the Process Work?

In order to modify or enforce an order from a court, you will need to go back to that court. Your lawyer will file a motion that describes what you want and why. The other parent (or your ex-spouse) will have a chance to respond, and then the court will schedule a conference to discuss the issues.

Depending on the facts and circumstances, it may be handled fairly quickly. For example, if child support should be modified and the re-calculation is straightforward, it can usually be resolved by agreement. Other modifications take more time, for example if living situations have changed, and parental rights and responsibilities need to be reconsidered.

Why Do I Need an Experienced Family Law Attorney?

The issues that bring couples back to court after a divorce is over can be very difficult. Often anger and bitterness have built up, making discussions tense and unproductive. You will get the best result if you have a skilled advocate by your side.

At Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will, we take the time to counsel each of our clients about the issues, the process, and the possible outcomes. We can be as aggressive as necessary to protect your interests. We put our years of experience and knowledge to work for you.

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Legal troubles in your family relationships are stressful. The outcome will affect your future, both financially and emotionally. The process will move more quickly and smoothly when you have a skilled lawyer on your side, advocating for you.

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