Restoration of Gun Rights

Restoration of Gun Rights

In Ohio, convictions for certain crimes can affect your right to own and carry a weapon. Even the terms in a divorce agreement may contain language that could prevent you from possessing a firearm. If you are concerned about restoring or protecting your 2nd Amendment rights, make sure you consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable about Ohio gun laws.

Your lawyer at Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will will work with you to restore your gun rights if they have been suspended. We will also work with you during your Divorce to protect your right to possess a firearm, so it is not lost. Our team of attorneys is knowledgeable about Ohio and Federal gun laws and will work to protect your rights.

What Will Cause My Gun Rights to be Suspended in Ohio?

Under Ohio law, you will lose your right to own or possess a firearm if you:

  • Commit a violent felony.
  • Commit a felony drug offense.
  • Are drug dependent, alcoholic, or in danger of becoming drug dependent.
  • Are determined by a court to be mentally incompetent.
  • Are a fugitive from justice.
  • Are subject to certain restraining orders.

Federal laws add additional circumstances that lead to loss of gun rights, including misdemeanor domestic violence conviction, dishonorable discharge from the military, status as an illegal alien, and others.

How Can I Restore My Gun Rights?

In order to restore your 2nd Amendment rights, you must:

  • Have completed your sentence, and no longer be on probation, parole or under court supervision,
  • Have had no new convictions since the conviction that led to the loss of your gun rights,
  • Be leading a law-abiding life.

If you meet these three criteria, then you may apply for a reinstatement of your gun rights. You will also need to convince the court that you are not a danger to the public and that you deserve to have the right to own and possess a firearm.

Why Should I Hire an Experienced Gun Rights Attorney?

You will want to have a persuasive and experienced lawyer at your side when you apply for restoration of your gun rights, because if your petition is denied, you must wait an entire two years to reapply. The stakes are high.

Your lawyer at Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will will advise you when it is the right time to file, and how to prepare for the hearing, so that the court is more likely to rule in your favor. At Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will, we have helped many of our clients reinstate their gun rights, so we have the knowledge and experience to guide you

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Losing your gun rights as the result of a criminal conviction is a serious matter: it can affect your safety, your family life, and your freedom.

The court process can be intimidating and the stakes are high. The sooner you have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer working for you, the more likely you will have a good result.

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