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Driver License Suspension

In Ohio, driving is a privilege, not a right, and the privilege can be lost. But when you have a job or a family to take care of, driving is more than a privilege – it is a necessity. If you have accumulated points and your license is in danger of suspension, or if you have already lost your driving privileges, you need a skilled lawyer to help you get back behind the wheel.

The lawyers at Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will have helped hundreds of clients restore their driving privileges. We may be able to help you obtain limited privileges during suspension, so that you can go to work and take care of family. We know the steps to take and the process to follow in order to help you drive again. We will explain the process and guide you through it.

How Does the Ohio Driver License Point System Work?

Ohio law assesses points against your driver license for each traffic conviction. Drivers may accumulate up to 12 points in a two-year period. Once 12 points have been accumulated, the license is suspended. Points are assessed when you plead guilty to an offense in court, when you pay a ticket, when you accept a plea bargain, or when a court enters judgment against you for a driving citation.

How Can I Get My Driving Privileges Back?

Getting your driving privileges back after they have been suspended or restricted depends upon why they were suspended in the first place.

There may be multiple steps, including serving out the suspension, taking a remedial driving course, paying a fine, retaking the driver license exam, and providing proof of insurance. It may be possible to have limited driving privileges restored during the time your license is suspended.

The process can be quite complicated, but it will be faster and easier with the assistance of an experienced, skilled lawyer at your side.

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Losing your driving privileges is a serious matter: it can affect your future employment, your family life, your finances, and your freedom.

The sooner you have an experienced defense lawyer working for you, the more likely you will have a good result.

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