Eminent Domain

Ohio Eminent Domain Lawyers

Are you a property owner? Have you received a notice that the government is going to take your land by eminent domain?

You may be worried, confused, and anxious: not sure what to do or where to begin.

You need expert advice, from lawyers who specialize in representing property owners and who have a proven track record of success, and you need it quickly, before mistakes are made that could cost you.

The Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will Approach to Eminent Domain Representation

The property lawyers at Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will are experienced and aggressive. Right from the very beginning, we will take the time needed to:

  • Explain the eminent domain process to you.
  • Describe the court process, so you understand what will happen and when.
  • Listen to your side of the story.
  • Advise you about possible outcomes, both good and bad.
  • Recommend the best strategic approach, based on the facts and the law.

Once your case begins moving forward, our experienced eminent domain lawyers will work hard for you, requiring the government to prove its case. We will:

  • Keep you updated about the progress of your case.
  • Review all of the evidence and cross-examine every witness.
  • Seek to keep out improper evidence.
  • Protect your rights.
  • Ensure the proceedings are fair.

Often a negotiated settlement is a possibility for our clients. We will aggressively negotiate the best settlement and explain the options to you, so you can make an informed decision about whether to accept a settlement or go to trial.

If your case goes to trial, you can be confident that our skilled team will continue to fight for you. We have tried hundreds of state and federal cases across Ohio, representing a variety of clients in both civil and criminal cases.

Call the Eminent Domain Lawyers at Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will Today

Potentially losing your home is a serious matter: it can affect your personal life, your family, your finances, and your neighborhood.

The court process moves quickly, and the sooner you have a dedicated and skilled lawyer working for you, the more likely you will have a good result.

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