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Twinsburg Police, Wong children testify as Glenn Wong’s murder trial begins

Akron — Glenn Wong’s family life began to unravel in the months prior to the murder of his wife, prosecutors say, and jealousy and suspicion ultimately caused a “controlling” Wong to stab Tami Mitchell Wong more than 100 times on the morning of Feb. 24, 2013.

Wong’s Akron-based attorney Brian Pierce contended on the first day of the murder trial March 25 that Wong’s actions are not in dispute, and while irrational, they were not premeditated.

“I don’t think the state will be able to prove to you that this was a premeditated event,” Pierce said in Judge Paul Gallagher’s court at Summit County Court of Common Pleas. “This was impulsive, spur of the moment and frankly, not very rational.”

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