You are a parent in real life, but are you a parent in the eyes of the law? And what about your child’s other parent – is he or she doing a fair share? Establishing parentage, either in order to obtain child support, in order to provide benefits for a child, or to establish a visitation schedule can be a complicated process.

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How Do I Establish Paternity?

In order to establish paternity (parentage) you must file a case in court or with the Child Support Enforcement Agency, requesting a determination of parentage. Either of the child’s parents may file. The court or agency will generally order DNA testing. Once the tests results are returned from the lab, there will be an order issued and the child’s birth certificate can be corrected to include the names of both parents.

What Happens After Paternity is Determined?

Once paternity has been determined, the court or agency will request income and health insurance information and make an order for child support. A court may also issue an order allocating parental rights and responsibilities (custody) for the child. Each side may present evidence concerning what would be in the best interest of the child. Often, the court will appoint a lawyer to act on behalf of the child. The court may also order a parenting evaluation to provide additional guidance about what is best for the child.

Why Do I Need an Experienced Family Law Attorney?

The court process is complicated. Missed details and deadlines can result in your case being dismissed. Often the court will expect the parents to work together to decide on a parenting plan, which can be frustrating. In order to get the best result, you should have your own attorney, one who has experience in this area of the law.

At Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will, we take the time to counsel each of our clients about the issues, the process, and the possible outcomes. We can be as aggressive as necessary to protect your interests. We put our years of experience and knowledge to work for you.

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