Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses

Being charged with a drug offense is scary and confusing. There is a wide range of possible charges. The penalties, especially if you are a repeat offender, are serious. There are options for diversion or other programs, if you qualify and know how to get into them. You need a lawyer with experience, who will listen to you and get you the help you need.

The attorneys at Malarcik Pierce Munyer Will have successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with drug crimes. We work to get our clients into diversion and treatment programs. We will negotiate plea bargains or reduced charges, if that is the best option. If a case goes to trial, we are act aggressively, by requiring the State to prove each part of its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

What Should I Know About Drug Offenses in Ohio?

There are many different charges that can arise from possession of drugs and drug tools and equipment. The quantity, the type of substance, and the location and circumstances in which it was found will affect the charges. Commonly charged drug crimes in Ohio include:

  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments
  • Illegal Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Illegal Assembly, Possession for Manufacture
  • Illegal Manufacture, Cultivation
  • Trafficking, Aggravated Trafficking

The same actions may violate both State and Federal laws, depending on the facts and circumstances. Federal law may have been violated if the activity took place across state borders or in more than one state, if it involved the use of the internet or other long-distance communication, or if it took place on federal land. Under these conditions, charges may be filed in Federal Court.

Federal charges for drug crimes are based upon the “schedule” of the substance. Drugs are classified based on their potential for abuse, the likelihood of leading to addiction, and their medical use. The penalties are more severe for cases involving more dangerous drugs.

What Should I Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Drug crimes are complex. There may be multiple witness and tricky evidence issues. Punishment can be severe, ranging from large fines to up to life in prison. Mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug-related crimes are strict and not negotiable. Often, drug-related charges can lead to other legal troubles, related to child custody, child neglect, driver license suspension or even permanent revocation of professional licenses (teachers, nurses, commercial driver, etc.).

It is extremely important to hire an experienced and skilled lawyer who understands all of the possible charges and what they might mean for you. You need someone who will fight for the best possible result for you.

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Being charged with a drug crime is serious: it can affect your future employment, your family life, your finances, and your freedom.

The court process moves quickly, and the sooner you have a criminal defense lawyer working for you, the more likely you will have a good result.

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