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Change of Heart: Akron lawyer Larry Vuillemin’s near-death experience in court set him on a crusade to transform the workplace.

If a man’s workspace is a snapshot of his character, then attorney Larry Vuillemin’s is a poster-sized view of his spirit. In his corner office on the 20th floor at One Cascade Plaza in Akron, there’s a copper plaque of The Last Supper, made for him by a former client who had been abducted, raped and blinded by an escaped convict. There’s also a calming scene of the shrine of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorije in Bosnia.

But a framed photograph on Vuillemin’s credenza pretty much tells his story. “I keep this to remind me to slow down and do the things I must do to be healthy, but mostly as a reminder of the blessing of my life,” says Vuillemin, a partner with Mentzer, Vuillemin and Mygrant Ltd.

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